Easter Egg-stravaganza!

Have you behaved all year and written concise, clear code? Then go get your baskets ready, because the Easter Bunny is close!

From April 2 until April 16, the Easter Bunny is giving away great discounts on many of our IDEs as well as our issue and bug tracker, YouTrack.

Get 30% OFF on your personal license for these cool products:

RubyMine — the cutting-edge Ruby and Rails IDE
PhpStorm — lightweight and smart PHP IDE
IntelliJ IDEA — the smartest code-centric Java IDE
PyCharm — Python & Django IDE
AppCode — objective C IDE

Also, get 20% OFF on ANY stand-alone pack of YouTrack — our awesome bug & issue tracker!

Catch the Easter Bunny’s before it’s gone!

Happy Easter, and develop with pleasure!
JetBrains Team

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