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5 License Winners from RailsConf 2012!

Hello everyone,

RailsConf 2012 was great and we’re still under impression. Thanks for everyone who came to our booth and talked to us. So many warm words and interesting feedback! And finally we’re ready to announce the winners of our short quiz.

We had 22 cards with correct answers that we mixed thoroughly:

Then we picked up 5 quiz cards:


And the winners are… 

  • Bhaskar Sundarraj
  • Daren Chylinski
  • Phillip Medrano
  • Chris Bell
  • Keith Epley

We heartily congratulate you all!

A personal message will be sent to each of the winners with the details on how to obtain the license. If you see your name above and you will not get any e-mails during the day, ping us here in the comments.

Develop with pleasure!
JetBrains RubyMine Team

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