RubyMine Enoki EAP: Puppet Support

Hello everyone,

We’re glad to announce the next RubyMine Enoki EAP (build 122.782). You’ve been asking and voting for Puppet support and here it is! Though we’re still working on code completion, you can already take a look on syntax highlighting for your *.pp files:

Please visit release notes page for more details and screenshots and download the EAP build to try it out.

Hey, there are also good news from IdeaVim plugin!
IdeaVim 0.23.111 bugfix release is available. See the list of fixes.

Develop with pleasure!
JetBrains RubyMine Team

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11 Responses to RubyMine Enoki EAP: Puppet Support

  1. John says:

    Great news! However it seems like there’s a problem with the Unix tar ball, I’m getting the following error when attempting to extract.

    gzip: stdin: invalid compressed data–format violated
    tar: Unexpected EOF in archive
    tar: Unexpected EOF in archive

    • Dennis Ushakov says:

      Most probably your file was truncated during download, you can verify checksum:
      MD5(RubyMine-122.782.tar.gz)= 6b26ee88cef7003fe14352ece1929bf
      SHA1(RubyMine-122.782.tar.gz)= 70c0d53e6d7dc382ad8b5641be4fdbd6fc14dc36

      • Paul says:

        I too have tried several times to download the Linux tarball
        using various download tools (browsers, curl and wget etc)
        from different OSes and physical locations, all without luck.

        Each time I end up with a corrupt tarball. It’s size is always the
        same: 113416220 bytes. Its md5 checksum,
        unsurprisingly, does not match the one you’ve shown above.

        If there are any special download instructions please share.

  2. Nice one! I’m already using RubyMine to edit Puppet configs, so having proper support is going to be really nice :)

  3. klok says:

    I have the same issue, the tarball is corrupt, I have downloaded it three times so far.
    But it seems that wget (of all agents) was able to download the file correctly.

  4. klok says:

    Just a question. I am a PHPStorm user, is there any chance of puppet support appearing in PHPStorm?

  5. Paul H. says:

    Downloaded the EAP on MacPro. It works great! It’s so nice to see a clean view of puppet files in intellij!!

    However it shows nothing on structure view. Any update on the support of navigation or structure view support?

  6. RubyMine’s Puppet code formatter breaks indentation of code. I have reported this issue ( two months ago. Is support for Puppet going to be improved over time or is the feature going to be dropped ?

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