Your Piggy Bank of Useful Links

Hello everyone,

The world of Ruby can be very enthralling, but when you’re a newbie it is so easy to get lost. Even a professional sometimes needs good Ruby and Rails programming tips as well as how-to’s to his/her favorite tools. No matter how experienced you are I bet you have your own piggy bank of useful links. In this post I aim to share my own one.

Ruby on Rails Tutorial by Michael Hartl is well known and needs no advertising. But if you are a RubyMine user you may be glad to know David Loeffler adopted it to RubyMine. You will find there everything you need to start with Ruby on Rails and RubyMine.

For those who like Michael’s tutorial and use RubyMine, I can also recommend Favorite RubyMine Tips video by Justin Gordon with tips and tricks that help being productive in the IDE.

Talking about video I can’t help sharing with you the daily lectures by Dave Jones. Especially Introduction to Ruby Programming, Ruby Programming II and Ruby on Rails Instruction courses.

Can’t imagine any developer without evening or morning blogs reading ritual. So you may want to add a couple of new ones to your blogs feed. Welcome Pivotal Labs with their blog on RubyMine among others.

Hopefully you know about RubyMine Tips of the Day and use them as well as Help Topics. But if you want more tips and like the card format for new information as I do, you probably will find Macandra Ruby cards pleasant and useful.

And of course there is a good crib to all useful resources from JetBrains – just take a look on Useful Links section on our Wiki main page.

And what about you, guys and gulls? What are your favorite Ruby, Rails and RubyMine resources?

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