RubyMine Tsubaki Roadmap

Hello everyone,

Summer is the kind of time when we draw a breath and look into the future. In terms of development it is a good time for planning the next version and that’s what we did.


Please welcome the roadmap for the next version which is codenamed Tsubaki; the name, traditionally stands for a Japanese tree, so it is a beautiful camellia this time. By the way, the codename was suggested by a JetBrains enthusiast – Masanobu Imai and we thank him a lot!

The most significant changes will include the Chef and Puppet support, Slim formatter, the console aware of the debugger’s context, RVM available as a remote SDK, the EditorConfig support, and more.

Stay tuned not to miss the EAP launch!

Develop with pleasure this summer!
JetBrains RubyMine Team

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