RubyMine Satsuki Goes Beta!

Tatiana Vasilyeva

Hello everyone,

We’ve spent the last few weeks testing, fixing and polishing all the new features of the upcoming release. While some minor issues remain, Satsuki now feels like it’s ready to go Beta. So starting today RubyMine 7.1 Beta is available to download and try!

Read about the new features on our website or take a look at the last changes list.

Please note that you may get an exception when using Rails 4 with the latest byebug version. We’re working on that but for the moment please add the following require parameter to your gemfile as a workaround:

gem 'byebug', require: !ENV['RM_INFO']

Develop with pleasure!
JetBrains RubyMine Team

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    March 28, 2015

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