RubyMine Kusunoki EAP: Adjustments for Color Deficiency

Tatiana Vasilyeva

Hello everyone,

We’re opening this week with the next RubyMine Kusunoki EAP build 142.4859.

We continue our series of blog posts about the major new features of the upcoming RubyMine release:
Bundler Support Improvements
React Support Improvements
New Debugging Option
New UI for Testing

Adjustments for Color Deficiency

We at JetBrains are trying to make our IDEs friendlier for people with color blindness. RubyMine inherits all the new features related to this issue from IntelliJ Platform.

Currently, we support the red-green color deficiency. So please enable the Preferences | Appearance & Behavior | Appearance  | Adjust colors for red-green vision deficiency (protanopia, deuteranopia) option:


For this new feature we need your help more than ever, to ensure that our adjustments work well. If you’re able to try it, we will highly appreciate your feedback here in the comments.

The full list of fixed issues can be found in the release notes. Please note that EAP builds are pre-beta software and may cause issues, which we ask you to report to our issue tracker.

Develop with pleasure!
JetBrains RubyMine Team

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