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RubyMine 2016.3 EAP is Open

Hello everyone,

A couple of days ago we released the third minor update for the 2016.2 version and now it’s time to go further. Despite working hard on all the hot fixes, we’re also focusing on the next RubyMine 2016.3 that’s due out in November. Today we’re happy to open the Early Access Program for the next RubyMine 2016.3.

Performance always has our undivided attention. For every single release we keep on fighting to make RubyMine faster. When working with remote interpreters, performance issues become crucial. So we decided to start with the following improvements:

Faster Remote Gem Downloading

Downloading remote interpreter gems could take a very long time to get everything needed, so we’ve added integration with rsync to make it faster. Just take a look at the final numbers from our testing environment!remote_interpreters_testHere are some more details on how we got these numbers.

There were two different apps that we took for testing purposes: Learn Rails and Discourse. For the former we installed Ruby 2.3.0 on a clear remote environment using rbenv, while for the latter we used Ruby 2.2.3. Then we used Bundler to install all the gems needed for both apps. Take a look at Gemfile.lock for Learn Rails app and Gemfile.lock for Discourse to get an idea of how many gems each Ruby SDK finally had.

Then we added Ruby 2.3.0 as a remote SDK in RubyMine for Learn Rails, and did the same with a remote Ruby 2.2.3 SDK for Discourse. And finally, with the help of a video manager and the recording for all the cases we got the following results based on the duration of downloading dialogs (with an accuracy of up to ±0.66 ms):

RubyMine 2016.2 RubyMine 2016.3
Learn Rails app 26m 18s 73ms 19s 43ms
Discourse app 49m 13s 87ms 38s 17ms

Please note that you need to install rsync to make this new speed booster work for you.

Of course all the numbers heavily depend on the environment you have. Still, we believe gem downloading is going to be much faster in the new version. Download RubyMine 2016.3 EAP (build 163.3512.17) and try it! You can install it side by side with RubyMine 2016.2; no active subscription is required.

Stay tuned for more blog posts about the EAP features coming soon. Please note that EAP builds are pre-beta software and may contain issues, which we ask you to report to our issue tracker.

Your RubyMine Team

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