Snap out of Manual RubyMine Updates on Linux with Snaps

Great news for our Linux users! Starting with RubyMine 2017.3.1, you can use snaps to install RubyMine on Ubuntu.

Snaps update your app automatically so that you always have the most recent build. Snaps are super easy to install and use. On Ubuntu 16.04 LTS or higher, snaps come pre-installed.

Long story short, to install the latest stable RubyMine build, simply run the following command from the command line:

$sudo snap install rubymine --classic

Then run RubyMine with the following command:


Easy as that!

Please note  that RubyMine works best through Snaps on linux distros that support classic confinement.

If you don’t have snaps enabled, get the snapd service from here.

Learn more about snaps

That’s it for today!

Feel free to add your questions and comments, and please do report any issues you may encounter.

P.S. If you are on Mac or Windows, go ahead and get our Toolbox app to easily manage and update RubyMine or any other JetBrains tools.

Your RubyMine team

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