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New Static Analysis Core Engine in the Updated RubyMine 2018.1 EAP

RubyMine 2018.1 EAP4 (build 181.3870.30) is now available. This update is the first public release of the new static analysis core engine, which we’ve been working on for a long time. Let’s take a closer look at this and other improvements:

Download RubyMine 2018.1 EAP

New static analysis core engine

The new static analysis core aims to provide you with both better performance and more correct results, which you will be able to experience from now on from this EAP. It means that RubyMine now understands and navigates your projects’, Rails and all Gems codebases more correctly, respecting and understanding all the structure of `includes`, `extends`, `self.included` hooks, `ActiveSupport::Concern`-aware modules and more.
Right away you may experience slightly longer indexing time, but a little bit less CPU fan grinding afterward. Some older navigation-related bugs were fixed, and some new ones have appeared. This is where we ask for your help: please report any issues you face in the new build to our bug tracker, Slack, and/or in the comments section of the blog post.

Partial Git commits

Apart from Ruby and Rails, this update also features a long-awaited platform option – partial git commits:

As you can see in the gif, the new ability allows you to:

  • include code chunks into a commit using the checkboxes in the Diff pane of the Commit Changes dialog
  • associate the code chunks with a changelist, and track them separately

Find more details in this post on the IntelliJ IDEA blog.

This build also fixes an inability to perform undo in ruby files, together with other bug-fixes that you can look up in the release notes.

Download RubyMine 2018.1 EAP

As always, please submit any issues you encounter to our bug tracker.

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