RubyMine 2022.3.2 is released!

The second bug-fix update for RubyMine 2022.3 is now available. You can get it from our website or via the free Toolbox App.

Let’s take a look at the key fixes and improvements in this update.

Updated Settings Sync plugin

We’re continuing to improve the behavior of the Settings Sync plugin. In previous RubyMine versions, if you used multiple JetBrains IDEs (possibly including different versions of RubyMine), settings in one IDE would be synced across all of them. To provide you with more flexibility, we’ve introduced an Enable sync across different types of IDEs checkbox in Preferences | Settings | Settings Sync. The checkbox is deselected by default, meaning that the settings will only be synchronized between different versions of RubyMine. If you want settings to be synchronized across all your IDEs, not just RubyMine, select the checkbox.

A fix for the updating issue on macOS Ventura

In RubyMine 2023.1 EAP 1, we wrote about an issue when working on macOS Ventura stemming from new technical restrictions implemented by Apple. Signature validation would fail when using the Toolbox App to automatically update RubyMine. We’ve discovered what was causing this behavior and fixed the problem by disabling writing or editing files in the installation directory for RubyMine after it is installed. Starting from this EAP, overriding the read-only status of rubystubs or rubysigs files is disabled.

Support for a new type of ESLint configuration file

We’ve added support for the new ESLint flat configuration file type, eslint.config.js, which was introduced in ESLint 8.21.0. These files are now detected and ESLint is executed without the –config flag.

Other important improvements

  • RBS target presentation is correct when using the bundled signatures. RUBY-30707
  • The Structure view now works for shared_examples_for. RUBY-30653
  • RuboCop no longer requires a suitable Ruby SDK. RUBY-30233
  • Close (X) icons are no longer displayed for non-closable tabs in the Run/Debug tool window. IDEA-272466
  • The toolbar icons in the Remote Host tool window are now displayed correctly in the new UI. IDEA-299612
  • Search Everywhere once again works as expected, providing all text search results. IDEA-307142
  • When committing via a modal dialog, the process no longer freezes when additional external formatters or code analysis plugins are enabled. IDEA-307428
  • A detached IDE window no longer disappears on restart if there’s no open file in the main window. IDEA-304518
  • Opening the terminal using a custom shortcut or a non-default keymap no longer causes unwanted symbols to be printed in the command prompt. IDEA-307583
  • PostgreSQL database names with slashes are supported. DBE-15968
  • Virtual views can be found via the Search dialog. DBE-16824
  • Virtual views are correctly refreshed. DBE-16899

The full list of improvements in this version is available in the release notes.

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Happy developing!

The RubyMine team

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