RubyMine 2023.1 Beta Is Out!

You can now download and test RubyMine 2023.1 Beta. In this build, you can find and test a range of new features. Please try it out and share your feedback in the comments or by using our issue tracker.

New UI updates

Our team has been working on enhancing the user interface, and we’ve made several improvements in the latest build. We encourage you to continue providing feedback so we can keep refining the new UI.

In the current EAP build, you’ll notice the following UI updates:

Revamped Run widget

We’ve given the Run widget, located at the top of the IDE window, a complete overhaul. The icons are now green, making for a more subdued and visually pleasing appearance, as opposed to the previous design, where the area around the icons was blocked out in color.

Configuration option to set up Actions on Save for new projects

The RubyMine 2023.1 Beta provides a configuration setting to define Actions to Save for new projects. To access this setting, navigate to File/ New Projects Setup / Preferences For New Projects / Tools / Actions on Save. Here, you can specify which actions should be executed upon saving changes in your projects.

Search Everywhere is enabled with ML-powered search for classes

We’re making ongoing efforts to incorporate machine-learning ranking into the Search Everywhere(Double ⇧ / Double Shift) functionality to deliver more precise and relevant search outcomes. The machine learning-powered sorting algorithm is now the default in the Classes tab, as well as in the Actions and Files tabs.

Оption to revert to the previous copy/cut/paste behavior

The copy/cut/paste behavior in this version of RubyMine differs from previous ones. To enable pasting clipboard content at the caret instead of the preceding line, we’ve introduced a restoring option. To access this option, go to Preferences / Settings | Advanced Settings | Editor, and select the dropdown menu next to When pasting a line copied with no selection.

Tailwind CSS support

In RubyMine 2023.1, we’ve added highly anticipated improvements for Tailwind CSS.

Configure Tailwind CSS

In this build, we’ve added support for all configuration options, such as configuring custom class name completions under the `classAttributes` option and even experimental ones like tailwindCSS.experimental.configFile.

You can find and set up these configuration options under Preferences / Settings | Languages & Frameworks | Style Sheets | Tailwind CSS.

Autocompletion of arbitrary values

In the RubyMine 2023.1 Beta release, we’ve added autocompletion for custom values when using square brackets notations like text-[#FFFFFF].

Autoconversion of strings to template strings when using an inline variable

With RubyMine 2023.1, you can now automatically convert strings to template literals when you type ${ inside of it.

Run Jest tests in folders

We’ve also added the ability to run all Jest tests in a specific folder via the right-click menu. This makes it much easier to run Jest tests.

Other improvements

  • We’ve supported Perforce in the Version Control widget in the new UI. [IDEA-297892]
  • Support @const tag in Svelte. [WEB-55903]
  • Structure filter now works in Find Usages for global variables. [RUBY-30964]

The full list of improvements in this version is available in the release notes.

To learn about the latest features as they come out, follow RubyMine on Twitter. We post product news and tips several times a week.

We encourage you to share your thoughts in the comments below and to suggest and vote for new features in the issue tracker.

Happy developing!

The RubyMine team

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