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RubyMine 2024.2 Early Access Program Is Open!

Hello everyone!

We’re glad to announce the opening of the RubyMine 2024.2 Early Access Program. In this blog post, we’ll share what you can expect in this release cycle.

What’s coming in RubyMine 2024.2?

In this update, our goal is to enhance your RubyMine experience by incorporating new AI features, improving remote work capabilities, and integrating the latest technologies. We’ll also implement additional optimizations to RubyMine’s performance.

AI integration

In RubyMine 2024.2, we’ll introduce a number of updates for AI Assistant and the Full Line code completion plugin.

AI Assistant will receive additional contexts for specific Rails entities. This will improve the results of code explanation and overall AI actions.

We’re also updating AI Assistant to take into account RuboCop code style rules when suggesting code. This will save you the trouble of manually modifying the suggested code to match your project’s RuboCop guidelines.

Furthermore, we’re working on improving the full line code completion experience and addressing the issues with invalid code suggestions. Our goal is to ensure that they are accurate and useful for you.

Remote development experience

Another important focus of our work is to enhance the typing and editing experience when using remote development. We’re reducing delays in typing and response time on the client side.

Dev Containers

We’re actively working on resolving known issues and implementing bug fixes for Dev Containers. Stay tuned for more updates.

Rails 8 support

RubyMine 2024.2 will support a bunch of new features introduced in Rails 8. This includes using Ruby 3.3 as the new minimum version compatible with Rails 8, code insight changes, support for structured logging, using Markdown for Rails API docs, and more.

Custom RuboCop configuration

We’re adding the feature to use custom configuration files for running RuboCop inspections. This functionality will be especially useful if you have more than one configuration file in your project or the configuration file name isn’t default.

More formatter settings

To enhance code formatting and give you more control, we’re introducing more formatter settings in RubyMine that align with RuboCop’s behavior.

Join the Early Access Program

You can download the latest EAP build from our website or via the Toolbox App. The full list of closed tickets for this EAP build is available in the release notes

We encourage you to share your thoughts in the comments below and to create and vote for new feature requests in the issue tracker.

Happy developing!

The RubyMine team

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