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Insert imports on paste

For a long time Scala users have been deprived of conveniences offered by automatic imports insertion on code paste (which most Java-developers take as a matter of course). Now it’s time to take our revenge!

Here’s where the main switch lays:

Now we can take some code with many dependencies of different kinds:

Then select desired lines and copy them, as usual:

Afterwards, let’s paste them here:

After code insertion we have a choice to import required dependencies (those that are not  already available):

Consequently, we have all needed dependencies automatically restored and thus our types, methods, packages, conversions and extractors accessible:

The same functionality also works for Java-to-Scala converted code. For instance, let’s copy foo method from the following Java snippet:

When we paste paste that method to a Scala destination we will be asked to automatically convert Java code to Scala:

After the code is automagically converted, we still have a choice to handle dependencies:

Here’s a result of the integral automation: