Scala Language Console (Nika builds)

New scala console comes with build 0.5.89 (

Now you can use full featured editor for editing code in console (just instead of Enter, use Shift + Enter).

For example:

And after execution:

This comes only with Nika scala plugin builds (this is the first difference between Nika and IDEA X plugins).

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7 Responses to Scala Language Console (Nika builds)

  1. OlegYch says:

    You guys seriously rock!

  2. Vaughan says:

    This is fantastic! It’s great to see so much love for Scala in IntelliJ :)

    Definitely my Scala IDE of choice.

  3. ittayd says:

    I wish for a way to evaluate the contents of the current tab, or selection in “paste” mode and including relevant path in the repl. Then it would be easy to create code snippets, save them and edit them in a real editor tab.

  4. Alain O'Dea says:

    This is a great feature guys :) Thank you for your continued dedication to making the Scala plug-in great. It already exceeds the Java support in many ways and you guys are bringing it up all across the board.

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  6. OK so I’d really like to be able to send a selection, or the line under cursor if nothing is selected, to the Scala console; or SBT console, configurable. With a hotkey. Pretty please! :)

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