I18n for Scala

The internationalization (I18N) support is available now in Scala plugin with following features:

  • Folding for i18n messages

  • Create new property intention

  • Navigation

  • Completion

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    4 Responses to I18n for Scala

    1. OlegYch says:

      Cool, thank you!
      Can you perhaps make it also work with symbols?

    2. Yule says:

      Is this a feature of Play or standard Scala? I would like to use the feature but I can’t figure out the type of “MyBundle”. It’s not Java’s ResourceBundle, there’s no method “message(String)”. Could you give me a hint? :-)

      • Alexander Podkhalyuzin says:

        It’s Java feature, just supported also in Scala.
        Currently inspection checks any parameter on call side if parameter has annotation org.jetbrains.annotations.PropertyKey (you can take it from annotations.jar included in any IDEA build). And you can even not to use ResourseBundle (but do you want to do it?).

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