Scala and Play 2.0 Plugins 0.13.286 Update is Available

Today the new versions of Scala and Play 2.0 plugins for IntelliJ IDEA 12.1 have been released and are available for download. In case if you have the plugins already installed just press Update Plugin. From now the build process of Scala and Play 2.0 plugins is common, so Play 2.0 plugin has the same build number.

Please note that if you are running IntelliJ IDEA 13 EAP you should use 0.15.20 version of Scala and Play 2.0 plugins.

The new features in the release include:

  • Inplace introduce variable
  • Inplace rename for all elements
  • Disabled by default inspection for functions with explicit Unit return type
  • Added inspection for functions in procedure-like syntax (if you think it should we enabled by default, please vote for it)
  • Better Find usages and rename for Play 2.0


  • SCL-1971 Implicit formal parameter setter could be resolved
  • SCL-3338 Good code is red: tuple views are not found unless tuple values are explicitly enclosed in parentheses
  • SCL-5677 NoClassDefFoundError when running an “All in package” scalatest using “In whole project”
  • SCL-5790 Good code red: path-dependent types
  • SCL-5729Overloading resolution fails for few collection classes
  • SCL-5726Forward reference with local lazy val incorrectly produces “wrong forward reference”
  • SCL-5735 Wrong “Unnecessary parentheses” quick-fix
  • Lots of Introduce variable bugfixes
  • Lots of stability improvements and bugfixes in Play 2.0 plugin