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IntelliJScala @ Scala Love in the City

It so happens that this year’s Scala Days is Scala Love in the City. The online conference promises to be exciting. It includes some of the most well-known names in the Scala world, with Martin Odersky as a keynote speaker. And the virtual food is amazing ;) If you haven’t registered yet, make sure to catch up before February 13. (Registration is virtually free!).

The event is lovingly supported by JetBrains. Whereas last year the IntelliJ Scala team hosted a separate Harmony track at the Scala Love conference, this year we’ll have a virtual booth. To provide an authentic experience, we’ll have virtual yo-yos and virtual stickers ;) As usual, you’ll have a chance to win an IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate license, and even if you don’t win you’ll get a 20% discount.

We use Spacial Chat to recreate real-life interaction (you’ll receive a password with your conference registration). You can open Spacial Chat in a browser tab, no installation is required. Although a virtual conference and a virtual booth have certain limitations, there are also advantages. If you’ve ever wanted to have a word with the IntelliJ Scala team, now you can – without having to buy a plane ticket or book a hotel.

In addition to demonstrating the latest features of the IntelliJ Scala plugin, we’ll show a few related JetBrains products that can be handy for Scala developers. First there’s Big Data Tools – an IDE for Zeppelin, Spark, and Hadoop, powered by the Scala plugin. There are also two new collaboration tools. Code With Me is a new service we at JetBrains have created for collaborative development and pair programming. It enables you to share the currently opened project in your IDE with other people and work on it together in real time. JetBrains Space is an all-in-one collaboration solution covering software development, project and team management, and communication.

So if you want to pick up a trick or two, ask a question, suggest a feature, report a bug, show your workflow, or just talk (and, of course, win a license) – you are welcome to join us!

Here’s the schedule of our presentations (but you can join at any time):

CET time

 09:55   IntelliJScala Pavel Fatin
10:40 Space Alexander Sedov
11:40 Big Data Tools      Pasha Finkelshteyn 
12:25 Code With Me Alexander Kirsanov
13:15 Big Data Tools Pasha Finkelshteyn
14:00 sbt-idea-plugin Mikhail Mutcianko
15:00 Space Alexander Sedov
17:00 Code With Me Alexander Kirsanov
17:30 IntelliJScala Pavel Fatin

The schedule is subject to change, please follow @IntelliJScala for updates.