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IntelliJScala @ Scala Days 2023 Madrid

On September 12 – 14, the Scala Plugin team was in Madrid for the Scala Days conference. JetBrains was a Gold Sponsor for the event and we are very proud of it.

We came to Madrid with a booth, merchandise, and a talk about the IntelliJ Scala Plugin. The Scala Plugin has seen a lot of improvements and new features over the last few years. We wanted to give an overview of the features – both at our booth and during the talk – but our main goal was to collect feedback.

IntelliJ Scala Plugin at Scala Days

Feedback, feedback, feedback!

Our main takeaway from the Scala Days conference was the importance of user feedback. We suspected that there were many common issues we didn’t know about or fully understand because users haven’t reported them. The conference was a perfect opportunity for us to ask about those issues and to let everyone know that we care about their input.

We understand that not everyone had the chance to attend and voice their concerns. Have you had an issue you would like us to take a look at, but you haven’t brought it up because …?

  • You think we already know about the issue, so you’ve tried to avoid creating a duplicate entry in our issue tracking system.
  • You think that you would need to give us your whole project to reproduce, and you can’t do that for licensing or other reasons.
  • You feel that using an issue tracker is too complicated.

If so, please contact us anyway! We recommend creating an issue in our tracking system, YouTrack, even if it might be a duplicate. We can check that ourselves, and you stumbling upon it tells us that it might be of greater importance than we thought. Another option is to contact us on Discord. There we can discuss your issue in private and then create a ticket ourselves.

Happy developing!

The IntelliJ Scala plugin team