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JetBrains Joins the Scala Center Advisory Board!

JetBrains has been contributing to the Scala ecosystem for a very long time. We’ve sponsored many Scala conferences around the world and participated in various open-source Scala projects. Our most significant contribution is the Scala Plugin for IntelliJ IDEA, with which we aspire to provide the best IDE experience for Scala developers worldwide.

As the next step in our journey to support the ecosystem, we are pleased to announce that JetBrains has joined the Scala Center Advisory Board as an Affiliate Member!

The Scala team at JetBrains

Our team consists of 10 people, including software and QA engineers. We really love Scala and use it ourselves daily. The Scala Plugin is actually written in Scala. We are currently working on improving IntelliJ IDEA’s Scala 3 support and supporting Scala in projects beyond IntelliJ IDEA (we will tell more about that later this year).

Our partnership with the Scala Center

The Scala Center is a not-for-profit organization that supports the Scala programming language. It focuses on enhancing Scala’s tools, providing educational resources, and fostering community contributions without directly controlling Scala’s development.
Our team has been collaborating with the Scala Center for the past few years. We’ve always supported the ScalaDays conference. We also participated in working groups and held joint community events such as Scala sprees. Last year, we organized a very productive Scala Tooling Summit together.

The Scala Center does a great job of supporting the Scala community. By joining the Advisory Board, we want to support this work. Establishing a more official relationship will also enable us to contribute our perspective on Scala’s future development more effectively.

Contribute to the Scala Plugin!

Did you know that the Scala Plugin is open source? You can help improve it by providing a pull request. If you want some ideas about where to start, you can select a task by searching for Up For Grabs tickets in our issue tracker. But don’t feel restricted by that list. You are welcome to tackle any ticket that interests you.

If you have any ideas or notice any issues, we encourage you to report them to our issue tracker. 

Our Discord channel is always available for guidance and discussion, and you can find more useful links here.

We would like to say a special “thank you” to those users who contribute bug fixes, implement improvements, and report issues! Your work and feedback are precious and appreciated.

Our team is committed to Scala.
We are looking forward to cooperating even more closely with the Scala Center as part of the Advisory Board!