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Scala Plugin EAP Speeds Up Coding Assistance

Because of its nature, Scala code is really difficult to edit without proper coding assistance. And sometimes said assistance is too slow which makes it not that useful. That’s why we never stop improving our Scala plugin performance. This time we’ve … Continue reading

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IntelliJ IDEA 15 EAP Adds Postfix Code Completion for Scala

For Java, in addition to the regular completion, IntelliJ IDEA provides so-called Postfix completion: it lets you modify a previously entered expression by adding a “postfix” to it and pressing Tab. This way you can transform your code without unnecessary backward … Continue reading

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Scala 1.5 EAP: Coding Assistance for Interpolated Strings, New Inspections and Better SBT Support

If you’re using the EAP update channel, you might’ve noticed a new version of the  Scala plugin available. In addition to a bunch of bugfixes inside the new update you’ll also find a few nice new features. Coding assistance for interpolated … Continue reading

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Generate anonymous function feature

In Scala, you can use anonymous functions. Now you can generate them automatically in case if it’s method call argument. Lets, for example you have the following code: Then use smart completion (Ctrl + Shift + Space) to see an … Continue reading

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