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JetBrains 10th Annual Hackathon

The JetBrains 10th Annual Hackathon has reached its conclusion and we are happy to share the results with you! This year we wanted to get back to the roots of our first Hackathons and its core spirit of limitless innovation and possibility. So we chose a format without categories or special arrangements – just 48 hours of pure creativity to develop ideas, skills, and boundaries, with the winners being chosen through votes alone.

The Hackathon in numbers:

  • 5 minutes to present
  • 4 prize winners
  • 48 hours to complete
  • 52 projects finished
  • 76 projects started
  • 200+ participants
  • 275+ voters
  • $15,000 in prizes

JetBrainers voted to decide the 3 winners, with a prize for the Most Actively Used Project from the previous Hackathon chosen by the organizational team.

This year’s winners are …

Actively Used Hackathon ’21 Project: Gazeta

Hackathons are just the beginning for a lot of the projects, as they go on to be developed into bigger and better things. This year’s Actively Used Project winner is no exception. There’s a lot of work that goes into preparing our weekly internal newsletter at JetBrains. This project provided the means to make newsletters that are informative, engaging, and readable. The project provides the layout of a real newspaper with columns and images, as well as the option to add stories, just like on Instagram. It has been keeping the whole company up to date with all the latest news from inside (and outside) the company.

Gazeta: Actively Used Project from 2021 Hackathon

Third Place: JetStonks

With so many JetBrainers spread across so many offices, international trading among colleagues can be beneficial. JetStonks is an internal exchange and marketplace platform that connects people who want to buy, sell, or exchange things. People who want to exchange something will be automatically matched with people making compatible offers for win-win deals.

JetStonks features a web interface and a bot that will notify users about offers that suit their personal parameters. For instance, JetBrainers living in Berlin can accept offers from JetBrainers based in Munich or Amsterdam, who can send things via delivery.

JetStonks: Third Place

Second Place: Dino Cup

Did you know it takes 21 days to develop a new habit? Inspired by our JetBrains Summer fest, which saw JetBrainers competing to get active every day of the summer, and by the Duolingo gamification process, the group set out to make a roadmap for building new habits in fitness, self-care, and personal development.

The first 21-day marathon included three tracks of adventure and challenges. Every day participants received 3 tasks in each individual track: Move, Evolve, and Self-Care. The most active users received cool prizes.

Dino: Second Place

First Place: Hospitality

Visiting our different offices around the world is just one of the perks at JetBrains. But where do you stay when you’re abroad? Who can you get to look after your pet fish while you’re away? Hospitality is a service created to help colleagues swap homes and find caring pet sitters among JetBrainers.

Hospitality: First Place

There were many other projects at this year’s Hackathon that deserve to be mentioned here, but in keeping with the theme of “Less is more”, we’re going to end the post here. Stay tuned to see what new and innovative direction these projects lead us in!

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