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An Interview with Olga Berdnikova, UI/UX Designer at JetBrains

“A good day is when there’s some tangible result at the end when you’ve completed a task or a part of it”: An interview with Olga Berdnikova, a UI/UX designer at JetBrains. One rule for a good interview is: ask … Continue reading

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A First-Hand Insight into Marketing Research at JetBrains

Kotlin Developer Advocate Eugene Petrenko talked with Maria Antropova, Head of the JetBrains Marketing Research department, about her work, her team, their current tasks, and future plans. Your team has been around for quite a while. How did you start … Continue reading

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‘Common sense rather than KPIs.’ Interview with VP of Human Resources Natalia Chisler

In the eight years Natalia Chisler has been with JetBrains, the number of staff has exploded from 120 to over 800 working across 6 distributed offices. JetBrains software is used by millions of developers worldwide, and many of them dream … Continue reading

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Interview with Sergey Coox, the .NET Department Lead at JetBrains

Anastasia Kazakova, our Product Marketing Manager for C++ tools, talks with Sergey Coox about controlled chaos, internal competition, and keeping 90 colleagues happy at work. Q: Hi Sergey! You lead the .NET Department at JetBrains. How big is your department … Continue reading

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Meet Anna, the documentation team lead for IntelliJ IDEA

Anna is a technical writers’ team lead at JetBrains. In this interview, she let me look under the hood of our technical writing. Online documentation is one of the pillars of our connection with developers, and Anna is dedicated to … Continue reading

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Developing the basics: Interview with David Watson

Next post of this series >> When learning something new, you are never alone. Look around and you find a friend, a colleague who is learning as well. We invite you to share one learning journey – the journey to … Continue reading

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Should Tech Support Engineers Code?

Here’s what Serge Baranov, JetBrains’ legendary tech support engineer, had to say to on the matter. Hi Serge! Have you heard of Jony Ive, Apple’s chief design officer a.k.a “the man from the white room”? Every Apple press conference (WWDC) … Continue reading

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Meet Mikhail Vink, Global Marketing Programs Manager at JetBrains

Background: Having joined JetBrains in 2012 as a Product Marketing Manager (PMM) for PhpStorm, Mikhail (Misha) Vink is now focused on refining and optimizing our marketing processes. Graduated from the Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University (LETI) majoring in Computer Security. Former … Continue reading

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Developer Today, Marketing Manager Tomorrow

Anastasia Kazakova, Product Marketing Manager for CLion, was interviewed by Maxim Sobolevskiy from JetBrains. They talked about CLion, what PMMs do at JetBrains and what it takes to transition from a developer to a product marketing manager. Hi Anastasia! You’re … Continue reading

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