Upsource 3.0.2 bug-fix update is available

Hi everybody!

We have one more bug-fix update for you today that addresses a number of issues, including some critical ones:

  • BND-1252: Internal error in upgrade wizard
  • UP-6560: Reviewed file is scrolled down each time I add a comment
  • UP-6608: Content layout is sometimes being shifted to the top on positioning of discussion widget
  • UP-6695: “Unknown feed event type” error when sending email
  • UP-6706: [IDEA Plugin] Error about review pattern mismatch
  • UP-6721: Pull request got incorrectly merged to an existing review

The full list is of course larger and includes 40+ fixed problems – take a look. You can download the new build here, and don’t forget to backup your current instance before upgrading.

Yours truly,
The Upsource Team

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3 Responses to Upsource 3.0.2 bug-fix update is available

  1. Daniel says:

    Why Don’t I have permission to look at [link removed]?

    “You have no permissions to view this page
    Try to log in again, go to issues page (logged in as ‘guest’), or contact your system administrator.”

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