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What’s New in Upsource 2020.1

This release introduces a variety of improvements related to GitHub and GitLab synchronization as well as some other features. Please read the release highlights for details.

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Merge reviews for GitHub and GitLab integration

Upsource 2020.1 comes with the ability to create merge reviews for pull requests from GitHub if synchronization with GitHub is turned on. The merge review diff resembles the GitHub pull request diff and lets you easily compare your branch with the target.


Pull request synchronization improvements for GitHub

We’ve made a few other improvements related to synchronization with GitHub.

  • When the review is completed in Upsource, it’s now shown as approved in GitHub.
  • When you add reviewers in GitHub, they are automatically added in Upsource.


GitHub webhooks

In a synchronized GitHub-based project, Upsource periodically polls the GitHub repository not only for new commits but also for changes in pull requests and comments. Now to get updates without any delay, you can set up a webhook on the GitHub side, which will notify Upsource of any changes the moment they occur.

Comment synchronization with GitLab

Now when you leave comments on a diff or a source file in GitLab, these comments are also reflected in Upsource. This feature also works the other way too, so Upsource comments are reflected in GitLab.


Code review workflow improvements

Now after reviewing and accepting the changes in a code review, you can merge and delete the branch right from the review page.


Other improvements

Quickly navigate to reviews from the search field. Collapse/expand all changed files in a revision. We’ve also added a new webhook type for adding and removing the review label, ability to set up multiple issue trackers for an Upsource project and ability to manually mark files in a review as viewed.

Please check our issue tracker for the complete list of changes.

To try out Upsource 2020.1, download the build – but don’t forget to backup your current instance!

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