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WebIDE EAP 722 release notes

This build is focused on fixes and improvements, mostly in editor. However we managed to stick some new features: (S)FTP Sync and server browser, Language Injection in HEREDOC literals & “Edit fragment” mode and support for PHP 5.3 late static binding language constructs and a bunch of less notable stuff. There is also significant memory/performance improvements for code inspection, especially in Batch (Code|Inspect code) runs.

Complete change-list in issue tracker.

Download Web IDE EAP build 722 for your platform from project EAP page.

-JetBrains Web IDE Team

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2 Responses to WebIDE EAP 722 release notes

  1. Avatar

    fland says:

    November 12, 2009

    At last. Unfortunately build 701 says that there is nothing to update.

  2. Avatar

    Alexey Gopachenko says:

    November 12, 2009

    Yeah, we still working on new build/release system.

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