Autopopup documentation feature

PhpStorm & WebStorm are capable of showing you documentation related to PHP class, JS element or HTML tag just by pressing Ctrl+Q when cursor is on that element.

You can call it up also when IDE suggests you to auto-complete your code.
For example, you are going to use “connect” method of DB class and would like to see documentation for it.
Pressing Ctrl+Space will show you all methods of DB class. Pressing Ctrl+Q when method is selected in drop-down box will show you popup with documentation.

If you’d like to enable showing documentation by default after given timeout you can turn it on in Settings->Editor->Code completion menu:

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2 Responses to Autopopup documentation feature

  1. marinc says:

    February 11, 2011

    How about autocomplete for methods & properties defined in parent classes?

  2. KPblCEHblLLl says:

    August 29, 2011

    can I help to autocompleter by filling documentation for params
    * @param param1 {MyClass}
    function myFunc(param1) {…}
    so WebStorm may be ensure in what methods “param1” have.