Phing support

Phing is a powerful build tool based on Apache Ant. Apache Ant has an extensive and long-standing support in IDEA. At least, I used it even in IDEA 7. So now I’m glad to introduce Phing support in PhpStorm EAP to you.

First of all, we have implemented Phing Explorer for build files:
Phing Explorer
In this Explorer, you view existing build files, run desired targets, and easily navigate to them with F4 key. To add a build file to the Explorer, choose “Add as Phing Build File” on the context menu of the file.
Another advantageous feature is autocompletion for standard tags. Also PhpStorm automatically completes and checks properties, target names, path attribute values in build files:
Property autocompletion and resolving
These features only make the basic support, and still there is a lot to implement. So your feedback is highly appreciated.

Develop with pleasure!
-JetBrains Web IDE Team