PhpStorm & WebStorm 5.0.3 released

Alexey Gopachenko

Last set of fixes and performance improvements for 5.0 series is out.

Download PhpStorm & WebStorm 5.0.3
Automatic update is available from 5.0.2 release build.

Develop with pleasure!
-JetBrains Web IDE Team

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24 Responses to PhpStorm & WebStorm 5.0.3 released

  1. Travis says:

    October 23, 2012

    Just updated and my IDE for JS lit up like a christmas tree.

    JSLint expecting exactly one space between ‘function’ and ‘(‘ ? Expecting a space between ‘;’ and ‘}’?! ‘catch’ and ‘(‘?!?! Expecting my catch block at a certain column?!?!?! But most importantly, it now can’t see references in other files!

    What gives? Did someone flip a bit in a setting somewhere that made my IDE go grammar nazi on me and wants all my code in one file?

    • Sergey Simonchik says:

      October 24, 2012

      Yes, JSLint enforces one particular coding style on its users. It works in scope of single file and can’t see references in other files by design.
      You can configure JSLint or disable it.

      • Travis says:

        October 24, 2012

        Appears JSLint & JSHint were not enabled before. I was just relying on the InspectionJS (which was working really well). The update turned on JSLint and JSHint.

        The extra information from JSLint and JSHint doesn’t appear to be valuable with InspectionJS + WebStorm code style settings, so I just turned them back off and everything is looking good.

  2. Jason says:

    October 23, 2012

    Congrats on the release.

    I’m curious if the fix for issue ( IDEA-92800 – Popups and dialogs may be shown on wrong screen or not shown at all in multi-monitor configuration on Ubuntu 12.04 ) is included in v5.0.3.

    Issue page says it’s fixed in WebStorm/PhpStorm 5 – 121.290, but I didn’t see it mentioned in the link above.


    • Andriy Bazanov says:

      October 23, 2012

      You do not see it there because it is under IDEA (platform-wide; IDEA-xxxx) section, while the aforementioned link shows PhpStorm (WI-xxxx) issues only.

      If it is not fixed on your setup then comment on that ticket .. or maybe even submit new one (if case there will be no response).

  3. Peter says:

    October 24, 2012

    In WebStorm 5.x, the “Open Recent Project” in New Window is no longer an option. This was available in WebStorm 3.x, and I very disappointed to not see it anymore. It is impossible now to have two projects opened at the same time in WebStorm.

    • Andriy Bazanov says:

      October 25, 2012

      It is still there. Check your settings please (it may have been reset or something for you).

      • Arne Claassen says:

        February 5, 2013

        Having the same problem. There’s supposed to be a section called “Project Opening” between “Startup/Shutdown” and “Synchronization” and that’s gone in 5.0.x on my machine. It’s there in IntelliJ.. Did it move or is there some setting that might hide it?

  4. Henry Schmieder says:

    October 24, 2012

    Since 5.0.3 Patch the internal unit test module is broken for PHP. Neither Server PHPUnit nor PHPUnit on Server is working anymore. The green start button is greyed out. Alt Shift F10 has no effect anymore. All previous working setups are broken now. Win 7 x64

  5. aragnophy says:

    October 24, 2012

    Thank you, guys! This build is a lot more stable, than 5.0.2 release was.

  6. Roman says:

    October 24, 2012

    still missing support for CakePHP framework ūüôĀ

    • Jan says:

      October 24, 2012

      Seconded, would love to see this support added as well!

    • Peter says:

      October 25, 2012

      Implementing CakePHP support is a waste of time. Script kiddies hopefully do not belong to Jetbrain’s target audience for PHPStorm.

      • Mike Ferrara says:

        October 30, 2012

        Script Kiddies?

        I don’t personally use CakePHP, but I think your response is rude and downright silly. There are plenty of well designed applications built on Cake and plenty of reasons many non “script kiddies” would want to use it.

        Why post something that has zero constructive value to something of this nature?

        Check yourself.

  7. Rafi B. says:

    October 24, 2012

    Hooray! Love new PhpStorm releases. Thank you JetBrains!

  8. Thomas says:

    October 24, 2012

    Since 5.0.3, the remote hosts is terribly slow…

  9. Christian Engel says:

    October 24, 2012

    I have serious issues with PHPStorm after the 5.0.3 Update on Windows 7 x64, caused by AVG Antivirus.
    When AVG is running, the Antivirus software eats up all processing power of my Intel i7 @ 3.0 GHZ, causing even playing music to lag.
    After PHPStorm has been started, everything runs smoothly again. Quitting PHPStorm causes a lag, too – but only for a second.

    That behaviour did not occur before the update, so some behaviour of PHPStorm must cause AVG investing heavily into checking suspicious processes of PHPStorm.

  10. Uno says:

    October 24, 2012

    In 5.0.3 I can’t debug my app. Debug configuration is set but debug button is inactive.

  11. Tobi says:

    October 25, 2012

    Anyone having issues with live edit in google chrome after the update ? It stopped working for me after the update…