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WebStorm 6 EAP build 126.159

This is to announce a new WebStorm 6 EAP biuld 126.159. Let’s quickly drive through the changes in this build:

1. HTML structure view has been reworked, and now it’s much easier to navigate over complex HTML files. More details will follow soon, let me just show a screenshot of HTML5 outline mode:

2. IDE can now grab the latest version of JSHint right from the Web, so you can always stay up to date with all the JSHint features. Just go to Settings -> JavaScript -> JSHint and choose the version you need or continue with the bundled one.

3. We implemented the long-awaited support for Emmet, HTML only for now, but CSS part will catch up soon!

4. JetBrains Chrome Extension is now distributed via Chrome Web Store. This means easier install and updates and less troubles with JavaScript debugging and Live Edit.

5. We’ve renamed Background tasks feature (that compile your TypeScript to JavaScript, LESS to CSS and so on) to File Watchers, which seems to be more appropriate name.

6. Last but not least: bugfixes is what we care about every day! JavaScript, TypeScript, Dart, as well as IntelliJ IDEA platform continuously get more stable and performant. If you feel different, please let us know, this is what our tracker and forums are for! 😉

That’s all for now, just grab new build and try. And stay tuned, more features and improvements are on their way to you guys!

For those who like the numbers here’s the list of resolved issues.

Patch-updates are available for all platforms.

Develop with pleasure!
-JetBrains Web IDE Team

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14 Responses to WebStorm 6 EAP build 126.159

  1. Avatar

    Jannik says:

    February 6, 2013

    The chrome extension in the Chrome Web Store does not seem to work with chrome canary. Not sure, if the problem is specific for this extension or every extension, though.

    (Error message: http://i5.minus.com/iU1TLVSziMnP2.png – the headline reads “An error occurred”)

  2. Avatar

    Vladimir Krivosheev says:

    February 7, 2013

    It is Google Chrome bug. http://www.ghacks.net/2012/12/07/fix-chrome-error-download-was-not-a-crx/ (https://www.google.ru/search?client=safari&rls=en&q=download+was+not+a+crx&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&redir_esc=&ei=7ysTUZjTL-WC4gTTgYGgCQ)

    Try to sign out.

    “I tried it again in the second version of Chrome that I was not signed in and it failed again. Signing out in the other browser and signing in again on the other hand let me download and install the extension just fine a second time.”

  3. Avatar

    Tim says:

    February 12, 2013

    Trying the TypeScript support, I do not get the prompt to add a Background Task, as per the sneak peek video. I have tsc installed, is there something else needs setting?

    • Avatar

      Fedor Korotkov says:

      February 12, 2013

      Could you please check if “File watcher available” inspection is enabled(Settings/Preferences -> Inspections -> File Watchers -> File watcher available).

      • Avatar

        Brian Woodcox says:

        February 13, 2013

        I have the same problem. I never receive a prompt to Add the file watcher. Running the latest Webstorm EAP 126.159. Tried removing and adding the File Watcher Plugin to no avail.

        • Avatar

          Fedor Korotkov says:

          February 14, 2013

          See my reply above.

          • Avatar

            Brian Woodcox says:

            February 14, 2013

            Yes, it is enabled! Still no go.

          • Avatar

            Brian Woodcox says:

            February 15, 2013

            Okay I figured this out. Apparently I had to disable the TypoScript Plugin.

            I admit I’m somewhat new to WebStorm. Am I missing something or is this a bug. I did select New File and selected TypeScript, but somehow the editor thinks it should be TypoScript.

            This problem also occurs with ws-126.254 and I’m running this on osx lion.

  4. Avatar

    Christian Sturm says:

    February 13, 2013

    I am checking for updates on the EAP channel. Why can’t it be found?

    • Avatar

      ksafonov says:

      February 14, 2013

      Should be there, maybe there were some network problems? What is your version of the product?

  5. Avatar

    Michael Bartos says:

    February 13, 2013

    Any plans to add CakePHP support?

  6. Avatar

    Piotr Gabryjeluk says:

    March 14, 2013


    the new PhpStorm came with an upgraded JSLint (correct me if I’m wrong) and the JSLint has one new feature that’s not handled correctly by the new PhpStorm.

    We use tabs as our indentation mechanism and JSLint now forbids them at all unless you say –white or –tabs to him. –white has a corresponding checkbox in PhpStorm: tolerate messy whitespace, but –tabs has no checkbox, so now PhpStorm tolerates my messy whitespace and I don’t want it to do it, just tabs.


    • Avatar

      Sergey Simonchik says:

      March 14, 2013

      I’ve installed node package jslint of version 0.1.9, but there is no –tabs option.
      Also there is no such option described on the http://www.jslint.com/lint.html .
      Could you please specify what JSLint tool and of what version you are using that has –tabs option. Thanks.

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