Early Access Program

WebStorm 7 EAP

Here at the Fluent conference in San Francisco, we’re happy to announce the release of the first Early Access Preview build of WebStorm 7. The new features so far include:

  • Completely redesigned JavaScript debugger backend for Chrome based on WebKit Remote Debugging Protocol, as well as for Node.JS based on the V8 protocol
  • Simplified Node.js remote debug — you don’t need to specify local directory and remote path.
  • Integration with Karma test runner (note: currently works only with karma@canary, the latest development version)
  • Bundled plugin for Mustache and Handlebars templates support
  • Initial support for Web Components
  • New structure view for less/sass/scss
  • Breadcrumbs in less/sass/scss
  • Suppressible inspections in css/less/sass/scss
  • New css intentions for colors conversion
  • Configurable built-in web server port (issue WEB-6998)
  • Built-in web server supports custom host name
  • Debugging asynchronously loaded js content is possible, we support jquery.getScript (issue WEB-2442)
  • New JavaScript intentions: “Convert for loop to forEach call on array”, “Simplify array creation”
  • Improved completion for parameters of getElementById()
  • Code insight support for package.json files
  • Internal refactorings and code cleanup to enable faster development of new features and framework integrations

The build is available for download now from the EAP page. Your feedback is, as usual, welcome in the issue tracker. And if you’re currently at Fluent, please come by our booth in the expo hall and tell us what you think about the new features and what else you’d like to see in the final 7.0 release in September.

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