Early Access Program

WebStorm 7 Build 130.958; Elements Tab

Today we’ve released a new EAP build of WebStorm 7, build numer 130.958. The biggest new feature in this build is the “Elements” tab in the JavaScript debugger, showing the live contents of the page being edited.

In addition to that, the new WebStorm now includes the TextMate Bundles plugin, improves support for Web Components, brings a couple of nifty new features for dealing with images encoded as data: URIs, and resolves a number of low-level issues with the JavaScript code insight logic.

We have also merged the remote and local run configurations for JavaScript debugging; now there’s just a single configuration type. Your existing run configurations will be automatically converted when you install the new build.

WebStorm build 130.958 is available for download on the EAP page, and if you’re already running the previous WebStorm 7 EAP build, you can use the built-in patch-based update. You can also check the full release notes for the new build.

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