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Meet WebStorm 8 Development Roadmap

With the second bug-fix update for WebStorm already available, it’s time for us to make plans for the next major version. We’re sure it’s going to be really great!

Please note the developed roadmap is not a finalized list of features that you’ll see in WebStorm 8. It’s pretty flexible and may be subject to changes. By announcing it now we would like to start the discussion and get some early feedback.

WebStorm 8 is planned for release in early 2014 (February or March). Have a look at the full version of WebStorm 8 development roadmap.

The primary focus of our upcoming release is going to be on the tools and workflows. Here is what we have in mind and have included in the roadmap:

  • Integration of spy-js – powerful tool for JavaScript tracing, debugging and profiling
  • Support of Yeoman workflow: Yo, Bower and Grunt
  • New improved console in JavaScript debugger

Another big thing we’re planning is advanced built-in support for AngularJS. Please share with us your experience using the existing plugin: What do you like or don’t like? What are you missing? We do want to know.

Of course, we are planning to improve the existing support for different technologies (JavaScript, TypeScript, style sheet languages and more) and optimize product performance.

Hopefully by January we’ll be ready to show you a preview of WebStorm 8 with our Early Access Program. Follow the updates in our Twitter @WebStormIDE and here in the blog.

We’ll be very happy to hear your comments and suggestions here or on our issue tracker where you can vote for issues or submit new feature requests.

Develop with pleasure!
WebStorm Team

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