WebStorm 8.0 Release Candidate

We are in the homestretch with the WebStorm 8.0 release. And right now we’d like to introduce WebStorm 8.0RC, shipping not only enhancements and fixes, but also a new feature – Grunt console!

WebStorm 8.0RC is available for download on the WebStorm website, where you can also find the list of all new features with description and screenshots. You can also look through the release notes.

We would highly appreciate your feedback and bug reports on our issue tracker.

One on the new features of WebStorm 8 that we haven’t mentioned before is Grunt integration. If you are using Grunt as a task runner for your project, try Grunt console: it allows you to browse through the list of  tasks defined in your projects and quickly run any task or group of tasks by simply double-clicking it.


 You can download WebStorm 8.0RC from the website. Please note that this RC build requires an active WebStorm license or is available for 30 day evaluation.

Develop with pleasure!
– JetBrains WebStorm Team 

About Ekaterina Prigara

Ekaterina Prigara is WebStorm product marketing manager at JetBrains. She's passionate about new technologies, UX and coffee.
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18 Responses to WebStorm 8.0 Release Candidate

  1. Dylan Greene says:

    The image is 404’ing.

  2. Dylan Greene says:

    And the issue tracker link goes to a page with a permissions error instead of a list of issues.

    • Ekaterina Prigara says:

      It’s a direct link to Create new issue. Seems that it doesn’t work if you’re not logged it. Will update.

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  4. Jared Rada says:

    What about gulp?

  5. willem d'haeseleer says:

    This looks really great guys. I have some short ideas for the grunt console that I think would be very use full.

    – Restart Task ( would be awesome )
    – Single instance only tasks
    – Short cut bindings

    Or maybe allow access of grunt task trough the “Enter action” menu.

  6. Danny says:

    Will we get to see build 136 in 8.0? I’d love to start using the new javascript live debugging console.

  7. Sergey Batishchev says:

    Grunt console looks really promising! Is it possible to add keyboard shortcut to a task (or at least to default task)?

    • Ekaterina Prigara says:

      There is no way to assign a shortcut to default task right now, but I think we’ll work on that for the next minor update.

  8. Alexey Petushkov says:

    How to get JSDoc from Javascript modules.
    I’m using RequireJS AMD. How to make WebStorm 8 recognize properly imported modules to get proper autocompletion. A litle tutorial will be great.

    Can anybody help with this question:


    • Konstantin Ulitin says:

      We have an issue about documenting AMD modules, please vote for it, but your case described on stackoverflow should work without JSDocs, so I created another issue about it.
      For now, you can annotate exported objects\functions with @class tag followed by arbitrary name, and provide corresponding type for the import variable, e.g. here.

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