WebStorm 8.0.1 Bug Fix Update is Available: node-webkit, TypeScript 1.0 and Sass 3.3

WebStorm 8.0.1 bug fix update (build 135.621) is available now.

If you’re using WebStorm 8.0, you’ll get a notification about available update or you can check for updates manually and make a patch-update. Or, if you like, you can download a fresh installer on the WebStorm site.

This update is focused on various fixes and improvements including:

  • improvements in Grunt console UI;
  • full support for Sass 3.3;
  • improvements in support for TypeScript 1.0, and more.

You can see the full list of issues in the release notes.

WebStorm 8.0.1 also adds a new feature: now you can run your node-webkit applications in one click and debug them using WebStorm’s built-in debugger.

Create new Run/Debug configuration of node-webkit type, select the path to the app folder and specify the path to the node-webkit interpreter. After that simply click Run to start an app or set breakpoints in the JS code and start a debugging session.


We welcome bug reports and feature requests on our issue tracker.

Develop with pleasure!
JetBrains WebStorm Team

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Ekaterina Prigara is WebStorm product marketing manager at JetBrains. She's passionate about new technologies, UX and coffee.
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3 Responses to WebStorm 8.0.1 Bug Fix Update is Available: node-webkit, TypeScript 1.0 and Sass 3.3

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  2. Pascal says:

    Is it also possible in intellij to debug node-webkit applications?

    • Ekaterina Prigara says:

      Yes, sure. Create run/debug configuration for node-webkit, set breakpoints and hit Debug.

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