Early Access Program

WebStorm 9 Development Roadmap Discussion

We on the WebStorm team have drafted a WebStorm 9 development roadmap that we would like to share with you and get your feedback.

Please note the developed roadmap is not a finalized list of features that you’ll see in WebStorm 9. It’s pretty flexible and may be subject to changes. Furthermore, we haven’t included improvements in the existing features that we are planning to work on.

WebStorm 9 is planned for release in late 2014. Our Early Access Program will start a couple of months before the release.

The major issue that we are going to address in the upcoming release is WebStorm’s performance when working with large JavaScript projects. While this issue may not be apparent at first, it is quite complex and very important, and we work on it to make WebStorm faster and much more stable.

The highlights of the roadmap include:

We are going to finish our work on Yo integration (WEB-6744) and improvements in CSS3 support that we weren’t able to finish for WebStorm 8 release.
You can see the full list of features on the roadmap draft.

There is one more thing that we are currently investigating and would like your opinion on: possible PhoneGap integration. If you’re using it, how WebStorm could improve your experience with building mobile apps with PhoneGap? Please share your thoughts.

We’ll be very happy to hear your comments, idea and suggestions here or on our issue tracker where you can vote for issues or submit new feature requests.

Develop with pleasure!
JetBrains WebStorm Team

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