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WebStorm 2016.1 EAP, 145.596: bug fixes

The WebStorm team had a busy week after releasing WebStorm 2016.1 (if you missed the announcement, please follow this link). Today we’re making the EAP build for WebStorm 2016.1 bug-fix update available for download.

You can download it here, or if you’re subscribed to the EAP update channel, a patch-update from WebStorm 2016.1 should be available.

This EAP build brings various bug fixes and minor improvements that did not make it into the release build. Some noticeable fixes include: proper Less code highlighting, support for module augmentation pattern used in typing in TypeScript (WEB-20894), and injected JSX inside type="text/babel". Please find the full list of addressed issues in the Release notes.

Please report any issues you have with the IDE on our issue tracker. To get notifications of new EAP builds as they become available, subscribe to the EAP channel in Preferences | Appearance & Behavior | System Settings | Updates.

– JetBrains WebStorm Team

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8 Responses to WebStorm 2016.1 EAP, 145.596: bug fixes

  1. Avatar

    Nikolay says:

    March 24, 2016

    It is a little bit confusing to release 2016.1 EAP after 2016.1. Should not it be 2016.2 EAP?

    • Avatar

      Dennis Ushakov says:

      March 24, 2016

      Sorry about confusion. That’s a bugfix update EAP, so it’s not 2016.2. We’ll try to come up with some better wording for that

  2. Avatar

    Prashant says:

    March 25, 2016

    Have you thought using JDK style ‘uXX’ (update XX) for subsequent releases.
    Eg – Webstrom 2016.1u1, 2016.1u2, etc

  3. Avatar

    Elvis says:

    March 27, 2016

    injected JSX inside type=”text/babel” – not work anyway.

    • Avatar

      Konstantin Ulitin says:

      March 28, 2016

      Unfortunately, this fix (WEB-18276) didn’t get into the release, it is only fixed in builds with number >= 145.638, which are not publicly available yet. Sorry for the confusion.

  4. Avatar

    Terence Martin says:

    March 28, 2016

    I find it kind of ironic that it’s 2016 and developers are still trying to work out version numbering schemes that aren’t confusing.

  5. Avatar

    Shawn Bigger says:

    April 3, 2016

    We are experiencing allot of memory issues with 2016.1 on Mac.

    Prior to the upgrade we did not experience it as much, but we go from 2GB down to 100MB available memory after just a few debugging sessions.

    Wa any memory issues cleaned up in this EAP release? Any others experiencing this version hogging memory?

    • Ekaterina Prigara

      Ekaterina Prigara says:

      April 4, 2016

      Can you please send us the content of your IDE log folder (menu Help – Show log) and a memory snapshot captured when you notice an excessive memory usage (menu Tools – Capture memory snapshot). Here’s a link to our issue tracker: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issues/WEB
      Thank you!