WebStorm 2016.1.2 is now available

WebStorm 2016.1.2, a second bug fix update for WebStorm 2016.1, is now available!

Update, May 18th: We have release WebStorm 2016.1.2b – this update brings these important security fixes to the OS X 10.10 users and some Windows users who were unable to successfully install WebStorm 2016.1.2.
If you have successfully updated to WebStorm 2016.1.2, you may ignore this update.

This update brings lots of bug fixes and improvements in all parts of the IDE. Among those is a fix for supporting debugging with the freshly released Node.js v6.0. Unfortunately, fixes related to the Angular 2 RC support have not made it into this build. To find the full list of addressed issues see the Release notes.

A patch-update from WebStorm 2016.1.1 to 2016.1.2 should be available. If you haven’t yet updated to WebStorm 2016.1, please do that by downloading WebStorm 2016.1.2 from our website.

Important security fixes

In addition to the usual functionality fixes, this update contains important fixes for two security issues inside IntelliJ Platform. The vulnerabilities, in various forms, are also present in older versions of WebStorm; therefore, patches for WebStorm, starting with version 6.0.2, are also available.

Find more information about the issues, the affected versions and ways to update in this special blog post. It is strongly recommended for all users to install the update as soon as possible.

– JetBrains WebStorm Team

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23 Responses to WebStorm 2016.1.2 is now available

  1. Stanislav says:

    Please, make normall support for .pug (former .jade plugin). They renamed a project

  2. Anton says:

    Still not fixed IDEA-147640 :(

    A lot of people wondering why you are still this not fixed? For many people this is the main way to interact with tabs. Just read comments and, pray you, elevate the priority of this bug.

  3. Alex says:

    Just updated to the new patch, is now freezing upon load on OSX 10.11.5

  4. When the Angular 2 RC support will be available?

  5. Andrey says:

    Flow isn’t working in this version. Why?

  6. PG says:

    I saw somewhere a Jetbrains engineer mention some sort of JSPM support. I use JSPM in Webstorm 2016.1.2 but Webstorm isn’t finding any of the JSPM libraries. For example, if I install angular2 from jspm and then in webstorm, have a typescript file that starts with “import {Component, ViewEncapsulation} from ‘angular2/core’;
    Webstorm will highlight in red the words “Component”, “ViewEncapsulation”, and “angular2”. Is there a way to get Webstorm to “see” these packages inside the JSPM package installation tree structure? Thanks!

    • Andrey Starovoyt says:

      Hi. You can use TypeScript 2.0 night builds. It supports ‘Path Mappings’ feature. See https://github.com/Microsoft/TypeScript/issues/5039. Example of the tsconfig.json: https://gist.github.com/anstarovoyt/047384c131d9ed3795f4d063d4180c1f

      • PG says:

        Thanks. This is good to hear. Since I’m somewhat of a noob, can you offer a bit more of a step-by-step as it applies to Webstorm? What menu do I look in for configs?

      • PG says:

        After a lot more research and hours of fiddling, I realize I can install typings files to get the code completion and I can fiddle with typescript inspector settings to turn off the squiggly red lines when importing modules. But to get the squiggly red lines on imports to work (i.e. go away on their own without having to disable the inspectre), I’m a bit stuck. I THINK I needed to (1) update the installed tsc from 1.8 to 1.9 (i.e. the typescript nightlies) (2) tweak the tsconfig.json to have the paths to angular and 3rd party JPSM libs and (3) update settings in Webstorm to (a) point to new tsc and (b) “Use tsconfig.json”.

        I got the typings to work. But with regards to getting rid of squiggly lines in import statement, eventhough I did (1), (2) and (3) , I still see the lines (especially under the 3rd party libs installed with JSPM). What am I missing? Can Jetbrains provide more granular instructions? Thanks

  7. Ciel says:

    Also interested in this solution. Getting angular2 to properly work with WebStorm using jspm has proven nearly impossible. I have to maintain a second list of dependencies in my package.json file just for nodejs to install angular2, so that WebStorm can find it. It seems to mostly be angular2 causing this problem because angular2 puts it’s typings inline with its library, which most other packages don’t do yet.

    Runtime works fine, but the design time squiggles and Typescript complier errors are driving me nuts.

    Could we possibly get a tsconfig.storm.json file support that only works in WebStorm that allows us to more clearly explain it to the IDE? For example…

    "includes": {
    "jspm": {
    "baseUrl": "jspm_packages",
    "patterns" : [ "npm/$name$@*", "github/*/$name$@*" ]

    Or something that that lets us tell WebStorm specifically where it can find things? This is driving me nuts and it seems no combination of settings in the tsconfig has any effect on WebStorm’s ability to determine that things exist.

    Visual Studio can’t either, so this must not be an easy problem to solve. But WebStorm has always been better than Visual Studio at web editing…

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