WebStorm 2017.3: improved Vue.js support, new refactorings, new REST Client, and more

🎉 Today we’re announcing WebStorm 2017.3  🎉

This big update brings improvements to all parts of the IDE, from support for JavaScript, TypeScript, and the frameworks to debugging and testing.

Here are the key highlights of WebStorm 2017.3 that you can’t miss:

  • Enjoy improved code completion and documentation for standard JavaScript
    objects and methods.
  • Move class methods up the class hierarchy safely with the new ‘Pull member
    up’ refactoring
  • Use the new ‘Extract type’ and ‘Extract interface’ refactorings in TypeScript.
  • Enjoy better code completion and navigation and new code snippets for
  • Run tests with Jest in watch mode, update failing snapshots in one click, and
    explore code coverage reports in the IDE.
  • Test REST APIs right from the editor.

Explore the new features and download WebStorm 2017.3 on our website.

Download WebStorm 2017.3

WebStorm Team

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