WebStorm 2017.3.3 is now available

WebStorm 2017.3.3 (173.4301.22) is now available!

As always, you can install this update using Toolbox App. If you’re using WebStorm 2017.3.1, 2017.3.2 or 2017.3.3 EAP, you will soon see an update notification in the IDE. If you are using an earlier WebStorm version, please download WebStorm 2017.3 from our website.

New in WebStorm 2017.3.3:

  • Responses from the new REST Client are now formatted automatically (WEB-28672)
  • Node.js debugger now supports –experimental-modules flag (WEB-30325)

What’s fixed:

  • False positive errors from the eslint-plugin-import ESLint plugin were fixed (WEB-30497)
  • Debug for apps created with Angular CLI 1.5.5+ (WEB-30035)
  • Debugging the app’s main process with Electron 1.8.1+ (WEB-29655)
  • Meteor debugger now uses –inspect by default (WEB-30124)

You can look through the full list of addressed issues in the Release notes.

WebStorm Team

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5 Responses to WebStorm 2017.3.3 is now available

  1. Avatar

    Kasper Peulen says:

    January 16, 2018


    Im finally beginning to use the debugger, now that I can have both the console oen and webstorm at the same time.

    I really really would love an option that allows me to listen to all breakpoints in my app, similar to how the php debugger works.

    I dont want to open a debugger for each of my endpoints. Maybe I could listen to all breakpoints hit in localhost:3000/**/* or something?

    • Ekaterina Prigara

      Ekaterina Prigara says:

      January 17, 2018

      I’m not sure I fully understand the setup of your project, but if your application is running on localhost:3000 and this whole application is a WebStorm project, there’s no need to create separate JavaScript debug configurations for different HTML pages in it, you can just create one configuration with the URL localhost:3000 in it. Then, thanks to the source maps, debugger will map the code running in the browser to the files in the project.

  2. Avatar

    Arne says:

    January 16, 2018

    Any heavy changes to the Terminal? I’m using zsh ( and it looks and acts different now (In a bad way). I can’t use it anymore and need to use iterm2 again. The same has happened in the Golang IDE before.

    • Ekaterina Prigara

      Ekaterina Prigara says:

      January 17, 2018

      Can you please provide a bit more details about the problem? We don’t see any recent changes in the Terminal integration. Maybe something has changed in zsh? Feel free to report an issue on our tracker or contact our tech support. Thank you!