WebStorm 2019.2.4 is available

Ekaterina Prigara

WebStorm 2019.2.4 is now available!

Update to it using Toolbox App, or from the IDE. You can also download WebStorm 2019.2.4 from our website.

Fixes and improvements in WebStorm 2019.2.4:

  • Support for nullish coalescing in TypeScript (WEB-41494)
  • Faster completion for Vue.js tags and attributes (WEB-41087)
  • Creating new projects now works with Vue CLI v4.0 (WEB-40757)
  • WebStorm now again uses a regular Open File dialog on macOS Catalina

You can find a full list of issues fixed by the WebStorm team in the release notes.

The WebStorm Team

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9 Responses to WebStorm 2019.2.4 is available

  1. Alexander says:

    October 30, 2019

    Why have you changed “Open File” functionality on mac? It worked fine for me (Catalina 10.15)

    • Ruurd says:

      October 30, 2019

      For you maybe. I’m much happier with the native open dialog.

    • Ekaterina Prigara says:

      October 31, 2019

      Hi, when we were testing the IDE on the Catalina Beta and RC build, the normal dialog was crashing the IDE and we decided to temporarily switch to old, non-native dialog as a workaround. Luckily, in the stable release OS version all was good and we have safely switched back to the normal dialog in 2019.2.4.

  2. Alexander says:

    October 31, 2019

    So, we will be staying with native dialog forever?

    • Ekaterina Prigara says:

      October 31, 2019

      We hope we won’t have any similar problems in the future that would prevent us from using the regular native macOS Open file dialog. So yes, the native dialog will stay.
      Do you experience any problems with it?

      • Alexander says:

        October 31, 2019

        No issues, i just got used to built-in Open dialog…

  3. David Scavo says:

    November 1, 2019

    On my i7 32GB Macbook Pro, 2019.2.4 now takes 73 seconds to open to a useable state from when the app icon is clicked,

    On 2019.2.3, this was around 3-4 seconds.