WebStorm 2022.1.2 Is Available

WebStorm 2022.1.2, the second bug-fix update for WebStorm 2022.1, is now available!

You can update to v2022.1.2 by using the Toolbox App, installing it right from the IDE, or downloading it from our website.

Here are the most notable fixes in v2022.1.2:

  • Fixed the regression bug causing ESLint 8.0 not to work with Yarn PnP (WEB-55858).
  • Fixed the issue with the wrong keyvalue pipe type evaluation in Angular (WEB-51209).
  • Solved a couple of problems with Angular Schematics (WEB-55218 and WEB-55659).
  • Added support for the Vue 3 withDefaults compiler macro (WEB-52128).
  • Fixed the regression bug causing await not to be highlighted as a keyword in <script> blocks (WEB-54774).
  • Implemented several improvements for TypeScript (WEB-52544, WEB-55517, and WEB-55516).
  • Solved the problem causing the debugger to exit with “Process finished with exit code 1” when using the npm binary path for the package manager (WEB-55884).
  • Fixed the issue causing the Git diff not to show in the Commit panel (IDEA-291970).
  • Search Everywhere now works as expected when the terminal is in focus (IDEA-290102).

For the full list of issues addressed in WebStorm 2022.1.2, please see the release notes.

The WebStorm team

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