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WebStorm 2022.2 Beta 2: Migration Guides and Better Pinia Support

WebStorm 2022.2 Beta 2 is now available! You can upgrade to the latest build using the Toolbox App or from our website. Check out our previous EAP blog posts to catch up on what we’ve already implemented.


We’re now in the process of fine-tuning the build for the upcoming release candidate. These are some of the notable improvements we’ve made lately.

Migration guides for new WebStorm users

We’re continuing to work on improving the user experience for people new to WebStorm. This time we’ve designed a set of migration guides to help new users get up and running with WebStorm faster. You can find these guides in our documentation. You can also access them from the Welcome screen if you’re running WebStorm for the very first time.

Get to the migration guides from the Welcome screen

Additionally, we’ve bundled the VS Code keymap plugin and fixed several issues with it.

If you’re coming from VS Code and don’t feel like learning a whole new set of shortcuts, you can switch to the VS Code keymap you are more familiar with from Preferences / Settings | Keymap.

VS Code keymap in the settings

Better Pinia support

Our work to provide Vue improvements continues with better support for Pinia, the Vue team’s recommended state management solution that works as a global store. Initial Pinia support was included in WebStorm 2022.1, but there were still issues with variables and methods failing to be resolved. Now both completion and resolve work in Vue with Pinia library and you can navigate to state properties and actions defined in the store.

Support for Pinia resolve from store

Generate a table of contents in Markdown documents

We’ve been working on our Markdown support to make it better to use. In this release, we’ve added a new Generate table of contents action that will make creating a table of contents for your Markdown files much more straightforward. You can use ⌘N (Alt+Insert on Windows and Linux), which brings up the Insert… popup. You can then select Table Of Contents, which will be generated automatically for you.

Generate a table of contents in Markdown with insert

For the full list of improvements available in WebStorm 2022.2 Beta 2, check out the release notes.

If you find any bugs, please report them to our issue tracker. Thank you for testing the recent updates and helping us polish WebStorm 2022.2!

The WebStorm team

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