WebStorm 2022.3.1 Is Available

WebStorm 2022.3.1, the first bug-fix update for WebStorm 2022.3, is now available! It’s packed with improvements, including the fix for the disturbing regression bug with Actions on Save (IDEA-307368). We’ve also fixed several issues with Vue, Vitest, and Angular and added Prisma ORM support.

You can update to v2022.3.1 by using the Toolbox App, installing it right from the IDE, or downloading it from our website

Prisma ORM support

We have good news for database users – WebStorm finally supports Prisma ORM! For now, the support will be available via a separate plugin, but we’ll consider bundling it later once we’ve supported all of the corner cases.

It includes complete Prisma schema language syntax support with semantic highlighting, code completion, automatic brace and quote insertion, and Rename refactoring. 

Please test the Prisma ORM plugin and report any issues you find here.

Vue bug fixes

We fixed over 40 Vue-related issues in WebStorm 2022.3 and have made several more Vue improvements in this bug-fix update: 

  • We’ve fixed the issue that was causing false positive warnings about import declarations used in <script setup> to be shown in the Problems tool window (WEB-56403).
  • We’ve added support for type inference for the v-slot scope variable (WEB-41084).
  • We’ve fixed the issues that were causing incorrect import statement placement in Vue components (WEB-47509).
  • We’ve fixed the issue that was causing Vue component props autocomplete not to work with d.ts declarations generated by vue-tsc (WEB-57769).

Improvements for Vitest

We’ve fixed several Vitest-related issues in this bug-fix update: 

  • You can now run in-source tests from the gutter (WEB-58362).
  • You can also run tests with Docker (WEB-58083) and re-run failed tests in WSL and Docker (WEB-58084). 
  • We’ve fixed the issue that was causing Vitest watch to get stuck after renaming a test to an existing test name (WEB-58196). 

Other notable improvements

Here are some of the other notable fixes in v2022.3.1:

  • We’ve fixed the issue with Actions on Save not working as expected (IDEA-307368).
  • We’ve fixed the issue with the Hide button not minimizing the Debug tool window when the Debugger Console tab is open (WEB-56864).
  • We’ve fixed two issues with Angular (WEB-46365 and WEB-50069).
  • Double-clicking on the window header will work as expected and maximize the window size on macOS (IDEA-304577).
  • We’ve added the option to display editor tabs on multiple rows in the new UI (IDEA-295095).

That’s all for today! For the full list of issues addressed in WebStorm 2022.3.1, please see the release notes.

The WebStorm team

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