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WebStorm 2023.1 EAP #5: Configure Tailwind CSS, Run Jest Tests in Folders, and Improvements for New UI

The fifth EAP build for WebStorm 2023.1 is now available. To see what has already been added in WebStorm 2023.1, check out our previous EAP blog posts.

The Toolbox App is the easiest way to get the EAP builds and keep both your stable and EAP versions up to date. You can also manually download the EAP builds from our website.


Important! WebStorm EAP builds are not fully tested and might be unstable.

The most significant improvements available in WebStorm 2023.1 EAP #5 are outlined below.

Please try them out and share your feedback using our issue tracker or by leaving a comment on this blog post.

Configure Tailwind CSS

In WebStorm 2023.1 we’ve added highly anticipated improvements for Tailwind CSS. In this fifth build, we’ve added support for all configuration options, such as configuring custom class name completions under the `classAttributes` option, or even an experimental one like tailwindCSS.experimental.configFile.

You can find and set up these configuration options under Preferences / Settings | Languages & Frameworks | Style Sheets | Tailwind CSS.

Tailwind CSS settings in the IDE

Run Jest tests in folders

We’ve also added the ability to run all the tests in a specific folder through the right-click menu. This makes it much easier to run Jest tests.

Example of running tests from the context menu in the project tool window

Version control system improvements

VCS status color hints in the Structure tool window

To make tracking changes to files more convenient, we’ve added color hints to the Structure tool window. The names of modified objects now turn blue, whereas the names of the newly added objects appear in the tool window in green.

Example of modifying an object and introducing an object in the Structure tool window

Background pre-commit checks

We’ve reworked the behavior of Git and Mercurial pre-commit checks to speed up the overall commit process. Checks are now performed in the background after you commit, but before you push.

Showing the popup that appears on commit when there is issues

Additional new UI enhancements

Work continues on our new UI, with several improvements implemented in this latest build. Please keep providing your feedback so that we can continue to improve the new UI.

In this EAP build, you can find the following UI updates:

Redesigned Run widget

We’ve redesigned the Run widget that you see at the top of the IDE window. With the icons now colored green – rather than the area around them being blocked out in color – the appearance is subtler and easier on the eyes.

zooming in on the Run widget in the new UI

Show Hidden Tabs is back

We’ve added the Show Hidden Tabs feature to the new UI. Next to the open tabs, you now have a drop-down showing the complete list of open tabs as they may have been hidden before.

Zooming in on the hidden tab drop-down option in the new UI

That’s all for today! For the full list of the enhancements available in WebStorm 2023.1 EAP #5, check out the release notes.

Your feedback is very important to us, so please try out the new features and let us know your thoughts in the comments below or on Twitter. If you come across a bug, you can submit a report in our issue tracker.

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