What’s Next: WebStorm 2023.2 Roadmap

We released WebStorm 2023.1, our first major update for the year 2023, just last month. First off, we’d like to thank all of you who are already using it and providing us with feedback.

Today, we’ll give you a sneak peek into what we have planned for the next release of WebStorm, with our usual disclaimer that these plans are subject to change.

  • Stable new UI. Getting the new UI out of Beta will be one of our priorities in this release. Thank you to everyone who has reported and upvoted the existing issues throughout our iterations. The end goal is to provide you with a UI you enjoy working in. If you have feedback, please continue to let us know.
  • CSS Nesting support. With WebStorm 2023.2, we’ll be adding support for the CSS Nesting feature (WEB-57875). It provides the ability to nest one style rule inside another, with the selector of the child rule relative to the selector of the parent rule. This increases the modularity and maintainability of CSS stylesheets.
  • Vue.js improvements. We’ve worked on our Vue support and fixed a lot of issues over the last year, including the addition of an improved New Component action (WEB-56464), which will become available in the upcoming WebStorm 2023.1.1 bug-fix update. We’re planning to continue improving our Vue.js support specifically by adding support for properties provided by the dependency injection functions provide and inject.
  • Ability to auto-run Jest tests in watch mode. We’re going to add a watch mode for Jest tests that can be quickly turned on and off from the tool window (WEB-50559).
  • Solid.js and Preact support improvements. We’re implementing several enhancements to our Solid.js and Preact support and how they are resolved, so you can expect better code completion and accurate type info. Keep an eye on WEB-60239, WEB-59748, and WEB-60240 for details. Additionally, we’ll add some extra love for Solid.js with a Rename refactoring for getters and setters for createSignal (WEB-60159).
  • Custom documentation support. Next.js 13.1 now includes a plugin for the TypeScript Language Service specifically for the new app directory. This plugin offers suggestions for configuring pages and layouts, as well as helpful hints for using both Server and Client Components. It also comes with custom documentation, which means that it adds extra information to the output of the TypeScript Language Service. We plan to make it possible to view this custom documentation in the IDE (WEB-58598).

That’s all for now! These are the most notable improvements we’ve planned for this release, though we are also planning to implement various bug fixes, including ones for Astro and Svelte. We are also looking into new ways we can present type errors in the IDE. Stay tuned for information about the upcoming bug-fix update for WebStorm 2023.1 and the start of the next round of the Early Access Program!

The WebStorm team

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