WebStorm 2023.3.2 Is Out!

WebStorm 2023.3.2, the second bug-fix update for WebStorm 2023.3, is now available!

You can update to v2023.3.2 by using the Toolbox App, installing it right from the IDE, or downloading it from our website.

Notable fixes

Here are some of the notable fixes in v2023.3.2:

  • We’ve added support for Angular 17 new control flow block syntax (WEB-63164).
  • We’ve fixed the issue causing WebStorm to lose file names in file templates (IDEA-279811).
  • We’ve fixed several HTTP Client related issues (IDEA-332986, IDEA-224825, IDEA-296844).
  • We’ve fixed the issue causing WebStorm to show a blank window when opening a second project in full-screen mode on macOS (IDEA-339992).
  • When using borderless mode on Windows, WebStorm again correctly restores the position of a window that had previously been snapped to one side of the screen (IDEA-250563).
  • We’ve fixed the issue causing WebStorm to crash on startup due to errors appearing when parsing the UI theme (IDEA-340108).
  • We’ve fixed the issue causing WebStorm to throw an error after updating to ESLint 8.56.0 while using a flat config file (eslint.config.js) and the ESLint plugin (WEB-64696).
  • We’ve fixed the regression causing WebStorm not to include anything inside the default export in the Vue component Structure view (WEB-63946).

That’s all for today! For the full list of issues addressed in WebStorm 2023.3.2, please see the release notes.

The WebStorm team

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