Livestream – Debug Like a Pro: JavaScript Edition

Join us on Tuesday, March 5, at 11:00 am EST / 5:00 pm CET (check other timezones) for our new livestream, “Debug Like a Pro: JavaScript Edition”.

Livestream – Debug Like a Pro: JavaScript Edition

Developers write code, run code, and when they hit problems, they debug code. Or do they? WebStorm’s debugger is powerful, but it’s also easy and user-friendly. We want more people to use it over console logging and are ready to help you get started!

In this livestream, Carson Gross from HTMX joins as Paul Everitt showcases the debugger, how to use it, and some JavaScript debugging tips that you might not have come across yet.


Get your questions ready because we’ll answer them live. And don’t be shy about sharing your go-to features and cool tricks in the chat with everyone!

As always, the recording will be available soon after we wrap up, so you can easily recap and catch anything you might have missed.

The WebStorm team

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