WebStorm 2024.1.2 Is Now Available

WebStorm 2024.1.2, the second update for WebStorm 2024.1, is now available! It contains improvements for Angular and adds ESLint 9 support.

You can update to v2024.1.2 by using the Toolbox App, installing it right from the IDE, or downloading it from our website.

Angular improvements

This update introduces new support for Angular 17.2 syntax output() and model() input, as well as Angular 17.1 signal input with readonly support. WebStorm will no longer throw false errors when using this syntax. The support includes quick-fixes, the ability to jump to the referenced variable definition and see implementations and usages, as well as improved Rename refactoring in the cases of input(), output(), and model().

Support for ESLint 9

We’ve added support for ESLint 9. This means that WebStorm now also supports flat configs and will stop throwing errors when using them. 

Other notable improvements

Here are some of the other notable fixes in v2024.1.2:

  • We’ve updated the bundled TypeScript to 5.4 (WEB-62712).
  • We’ve fixed the issue causing inspections to not re-evaluate during editing (IJPL-28967).
  • We’ve fixed the issue causing IDE crashes on macOS (JBR-6911).
  • We’ve added support for resolve in Vue to navigate to component instead of components.d.ts with typeof syntax (WEB-65590).
  • We’ve fixed the issue causing TypeScript service not to work with version 5.5 (WEB-66203).
  • We’ve fixed the issue causing the incorrect mismatched property value error (WEB-61815).
  • We’ve fixed the issue causing CSS variables with fallback to be marked as incorrect (WEB-51177).
  • We’ve fixed the issue causing a CSS “Mismatched parameters” error when using var() inside calc() (WEB-44736).
  • We’ve fixed the regression causing property usages not to display when invoked with the shortcut (WEB-64907).
  • We’ve fixed the issue causing type default import not to be recognized (WEB-65483).
  • We’ve fixed the issue causing Angular Standalone Components imported via forwardRef() not to be recognized (WEB-57162).

That’s all for today! For the full list of issues addressed in WebStorm 2024.1.2, please see the release notes.

The WebStorm team

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