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WebStorm 2024.2 EAP Digest #1: Better Tools Configuration Support, Svelte 5, Git Enhancements, and More

We’ve kicked off WebStorm 2024.2 with a new Early Access Program (EAP). Please check out this blog post, where we explain the benefits of the program. If you haven’t already seen what to expect in WebStorm 2024.2, take a moment to explore our roadmap.

The Toolbox App is the easiest way to get the EAP builds and keep both your stable and EAP versions up to date. You can also manually download the EAP builds from our website.


Please note that WebStorm EAP builds are not fully tested and might be unstable.

Below, you can find the most interesting improvements available in WebStorm 2024.2 EAP 1 and 2. Try them out and share your feedback using our issue tracker or comment below.

New Features

WebStorm now recognizes implicitly used configs of tools and frameworks

Many configurations of tools and frameworks are often exported and used implicitly, leading to them being marked as unused by the IDE. WebStorm now recognizes such cases and eliminates annoying false positive warnings. The following configs are currently supported:

  • Prettier
  • ESLint
  • Jest
  • Vite
  • Vitest
  • Cypress
  • Tailwind CSS
  • PostCSS
  • Svelte
  • Astro

Svelte 5 snippets support

Svelte 5 is on the way, and in WebStorm EAPs, you can already try out the new Svelte snippets and render tags. These snippets are designed to create reusable chunks of markup within your components:

Node.js test runner now supports TypeScript files

WebStorm now provides the ability to run tests written in TypeScript using a Node.js test runner. The corresponding run configuration has auto-detection for ts-node and tsx loaders as well as the ability to set up a custom TypeScript loader.

Reworked inlay hints in TypeScript files

We’ve reworked inlay hints in TypeScript to better align with the information provided by the TypeScript service. Inlay hints are retrieved only for the currently visible screen and the screens immediately above and below it (though this can be configured in the settings). This may cause hints to appear gradually when scrolling quickly, and you might notice that previously rendered hints are re-rendered when you scroll back. This behavior is expected and designed to optimize performance. Please report any problems in the following issue.

Enhanced user experience with the Log tool window

All settings related to the Log tool window are now consolidated into a dedicated settings page, making it easy to customize its behavior in one convenient location. You can access this page through Settings | Version Control | Log or via a new dropdown menu on the Log tool window’s toolbar:

Additionally, you can now open the Git Log as an editor tab, providing more workspace and easier navigation through the list of commits and related details:

--first-parent and --no-merges options support in the Git log UI

Git has a useful option for viewing the history of changes in a branch: --first-parent. This option simplifies the log by hiding individual commits that came with the merge, making it easier to track changes. We’ve also added filtering with the --no-merges command, which displays the history without any merge commits. 

Both options can be selected under the Graph Options button in the Git tool window.

Preview option in Search Everywhere

The Search Everywhere dialog now includes an option to preview the codebase elements you’re searching for. You can enable the preview through the icon on the dialog’s toolbar:


Other highlights

Here’s an overview of the key improvements for various technologies supported by WebStorm, along with some notable bug fixes:

  • Starting from EAP 2, WebStorm comes with JetBrains Runtime 21, which offers enhanced security and performance, as well as Wayland rendering support for Linux. See the following issue for more details: JBR-5855.
  • We’ve fixed auto-completion for Tailwind CSS classes when using a remote Node.js interpreter (Docker/SSH) WEB-53172.
  • We’ve made fixes for auto-imports of Vue 3 components WEB-62179, WEB-65059.
  • We fixed applying auto-import in multi-caret mode WEB-41699.

For the full list of improvements available in WebStorm 2024.1 EAP 1 and 2, check out the release notes. Stay tuned for our next EAP digest sometime in the middle of the EAP cycle!

The WebStorm team

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